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a Wisephoto generator byPolyNFT
#wAIz is an AI-powered photo generator by PolyNFT. Inspired by "wise" and AI, wAIz is a tool that allows users to create stunning images from prompts.
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Create And Sell Your NFTs
Set Up Your Wallet
Create a wallet that supports Polygon Chain. Fund your wallets with $MATIC or $USDT. Connect your wallet to PolyNFT creation platform.
Create your NFT Collections
Create your Collections by uploading the digital arts, setting the attribute and metadata, and minting them for free on PolyNFT.
Store your NFT Collections
After the creating process, your NFTs are stored in your wallet and can be listed for sale or transferred to another wallet.
List your NFTs for Sale
Click on your NFTs and choose “sell” button. Sign the transaction with your wallet and your NFTs will be listed for sale on PolyNFT marketplace.